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Please begin your K12 enrollment process by creating a Legal Guardian Account.

Click below to watch a quick video explaining how to create an account, and click here when you're ready to get started.

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Once you have created this account, you will enter the password-protected K12 Parent Portal. In the Parent Portal, you will be:

  • Guided through student enrollment
  • Able to save your enrollment progress and come back to complete any steps
  • Able to easily track your progress

Legal Guardian/Adult

The email you provide above will also be used as your Parent Portal Username.

The provided email address will be the primary communication used for sending and receiving information about your child's education, including grades, assignments, and other information about his or her progress. Please ensure only adults who have authorized access to the student's educational record have access to this email inbox.

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If you have previously enrolled more than one student, below please enter the information for the student you most recently enrolled:

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